Win7之家:Windows 7 Direct 2D 和 DirectWrite 性格显示录像

Win7之家:DirectX 11 For Windows 7

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微软Windows UX开垦团队的Kam Vedbrat向大家陈诉了Windows 7中有至于Direct

DirectX 11, 下一代of Windows DirectX 图像手艺将在Windows 7
,并帮忙各种特性.在DirectX 10 发布后 微软 释出了DirectX 11 with
Direct3D 11预览版.

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DirectWrite:Direct2D:Look how good txt is when it’s moving rapidly:

This version of the Windows 7/Direct3D 11 Technical Preview ships as
part of the DirectX SDK and contains the following new features, tools,
and documentation: Technical Preview of Direct2D; Technical Preview of
DirectWrite; Technical Preview of DXGI 1.1,” the Redmond company
informed.特性Direct2D, DirectWrite, DXGI 1.1 ,DirectX End-User
.This DirectX11 release contains the following new Direct
features and tools:


技艺预览 Direct2D


Direct2D is a hardware-accelerated, immediate-mode, 2-D graphics API
that provides high performance and high quality rendering for 2-D
geometry, bitmaps, and text. The Direct2D API is designed to
interoperate well with Direct3D and GDI. This technical preview allows
developers to evaluate the API and write simple applications, with
some of the more advanced functionality possible on properly
configured machines.

自行下载DX11.1,安装到位重启系统就能够irect X 11.1 系统工具程式


:Direct X 11.1

DirectWrite provides support for high-quality text rendering,
resolution-independent outline fonts, and full Unicode text and layout
support, and much, much more.

:KB 2670838

技术预览DXGI 1.1


DXGI 1.1 builds on DXGI 1.0 and will be available on both Windows
Vista and Windows 7. DXGI 1.1 adds several new features.


最终,需求声明的是,xp是不能够设置DirectX 11的。


下载Direct3D 11 for Windows 7 and Vista

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